The Dog Has Great Taste

Admin on November 28, 2018

The Dog Has Great Tas

This stunning Nina Ricci bag came in with one of the straps neatly chewed in two.

This purse has been well cared for and is in pristine condition aside from the chewed strap.

We went through some options; we work on a lot of animal-chewed goods and have developed an array of creative solutions to keep things alive to tell their tales (tails?). Generally we patch and re-cover straps, heel counters, edges, heel blocks, and other areas pets find tasty.

In this case, because of the bag’s uniqueness and high quality, the customer and our staff decided to make new straps in-house from scratch. One of our cobblers has extreme skill in this area, and spends his personal time making high-end bags and wallets. So this project landed in the right hands.

We procured the inner casing and leather that most closely matched the original. The end result is completely hand-stitched, with edge finishing worthy of original couture work

It’s a perfect match for the bag; so much so that it will be up to the wearer to tell the story of the day the dog ate her handbag. Otherwise you’d never know.