Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions.

  1. We stand behind our work. if something comes apart within a reasonably short amount of time, we will repair it again at no charge and in an expedited time frame. While we provide excellent quality work in general, there are times when stitches work loose, rivets pop, glue delaminates, and so on.

  2. We do negotiate refunds On a case-by-case basis, if no other solution can be reached and the project is at a standstill. Please be aware that full or partial refunds are administered only by the shop owner and will not be achieved through raised voices, forceful language, bullying or threatening behavior.

  3. We reserve the right To turn down projects that our unworkable in our estimation. While we are creative and skilled, experience has taught us that some repairs are not possible. Definitely seek second and third opinions if you disagree, but do not be mean to the cobblers about it.

  4. Once repairs are completed, we ask that you pick up items in a timely manner. We make a series of reminder calls and will eventually give you final notice for pick up. After that date has passed, we consider the item forfeit if not retrieved.

  5. Stretching shoes to fit may succeed or it may not. We take on stretch projects based on information provided by the customer and our general knowledge of materials. We do not refund stretching fees if multiple attempts result in a shoe that still isn’t comfortable. We will not stretch a shoe to its breaking point. If we damage a shoe through stretching, it is our responsibility to repair or replace it.

  6. Dyeing involves many variables, and your dyed item may not look exactly as you expect. We try to create a clear expectation, but every dye job involves the risk that you still may not like the color even though it’s different from the original.

  7. We make every effort to be true to our projected time frames for repair work, but there are times when we get overwhelmed by volume, one of the crew gets sick and misses work, a piece of equipment breaks, materials are unavailable, and so forth. In these situations, it is vital that you ask for exactly what you need. If we say it will be done in about three weeks and you are leaving town in exactly 21 days, be sure to tell us so we can set a hard deadline and get your items repaired on time.
  8. All re-sale shoes and consignment items are sold in As-Is conditions; all sales final.

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