Mending life

by J.D March, 2020

Mending Life

As a repairer, I’m committed to keeping things going for as long as they can go. In particular, shoes. But inside that commitment resides my love and care for community, animals, plants, and other aspects of my personal life behind the JD.
I was thrilled to have the chance to bring these elements of care and community into a broader picture when Sonya and Nina Montenegro of The Far Woods invited me to contribute to their book, Mending Life, which is now rolling off the presses of Sasquatch Books.

My piece is a tutorial on an at-home shoe repair, how to mend a zipper yourself with needle and thread. Sonya and Nina have been clear communicators at every stage of the project, making it easy for me to succeed in writing something that feels helpful and useful.

The book is packed full of useful information; it really is a handbook for mending life. The illustrations are so dear and their instructions on a wide variety of home mending projects are clear. They make it seem more than feasible to fix our things; I feel inspired and encouraged by their work.

My intention is always to bring forward creative solutions to shoe problems. I see my customers all around Portland and try to be a consistently positive presence in the neighborhood. When I get the opportunity to collaborate with excellent writers, teachers, artists and artisans like Nina and Sonya, I feel like I am manifesting my best intentions. This is powerful work we are all doing.