JD’s Shoe Repair is thrilled to announce that we will be moving to our own building at 7015 N Greeley at the end of the year, open for business January 2018.

We have loved being part of the Alberta and Mississippi business districts and working with so many great neighbors, and it’s with a measure of sadness that we take our work to a new spot. However, the rapidly rising rents have been catching up with us recently, and we’re happy for the opportunity to purchase a place that will be a lifelong home for us. JD’s is a long time part of the vibrancy and strength of north Portland, and will be continuing our presence and participation for a long time to come.

7015 N Greeley is just about two miles from our current location, easily navigated by car, bus, or bicycle. It brings us nearer to our communities in Kenton and Arbor Lodge neighborhoods, and the mighty St.Johns.

Please come with us! We will be there to provide the same excellent boot and shoe care, and more!

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