Honeymoon in Paris

Admin on September 1, 2018

Honeymoon in Paris

We love projects that tell a story, and this bag has a great one.

The customer’s mother did the needlepoint and had the bag assembled, likely in the 1950s, and left it to her daughter when she passed. In addition to the treasured bag itself, she left five crisp $100 bills inside as a surprise gift to her daughter.

It’s been stored in dry areas, in a cloth bag in a box, for decades to preserve its condition. The fabric isn’t moth-eaten or decayed, and the lining is in pristine shape. The chain strap was tarnished, but the bag has clearly been used as a special-occasion piece and keepsake throughout its life.

The story continues as we meet this lovely bag. Our customer recently reunited with her high school sweetheart after 50 years. Their honeymoon is an episodic journey spanning months and ranging between Portland, Texas, New York City, the San Juan Islands, the rugged Wallowa mountains, and wrapping up with a month in Paris.

Naturally, this bag is coming to Paris for the last chapter of the honeymoon, to lend its quiet grace to elegant dinners and evening strolls. For our part, the customer wanted her beloved bag to be refreshed and updated for the trip. We gently cleaned the fabric to brighten the colors a bit and loosen any dust particles; the customer’s excellent care of this piece was evident and appreciated.

Next, we replaced the chain strap with a fresh one. It’s fabricated to the length the customer needs for how she wears the bag, and we made a suede shoulder pad so the bag will stay in place on her shoulder while she’s walking. So much detail and care has gone into this bag throughout its life, and we are happy to have our own part in its history