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Julie Derrick, from JD Shoe Repair, shares how to get your shoes ready for warmer weather. The weather has tossed us about this spring, but summer is on the way. Along with planting flowers and vegetables, long-awaited projects at home, and the prospect of outdoor fun, it’s time to think about your shoes!...
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Honeymoon in Paris

We love projects that tell a story, and this bag has a great one. The customer’s mother did the needlepoint and had the bag assembled, likely in the 1950s, and left it to her daughter when she passed. In addition to the treasured bag itself, she left five crisp $100 bills inside as a surprise gift to her daughter.
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Relocation is much on my mind, having recently moved my business to a new location. For my business, the move was due to a rare opportunity: an owner-carried contract at a reasonable price to purchase a live/work space in north Portland. As a long-term renter in a rapidly expensifying neighborhood, I had for nearly nine years adapted to rent hikes that were increasing in rate and frequency